Grandview Consulting Group

Mr. Horton served for sixteen years on the Mt. Vernon City Council and was President of the City Council for four years. As Chairman of the Municipal Capital Projects board Mr. Horton facilitated the renovation of police and fire headquarters, City Hall Plaza, and the purchase of life saving equipment for the City's first responders. Mr. Horton retired from the Mount Vernon City Council in 2011.

Mr. Horton also served as the Executive Director of the New Rochelle Housing Authority where he oversaw the administration of Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher program and federally assisted Public Housing programs. Under Mr. Horton's direction, the New Rochelle Housing Authority structured and financed $80 million to commence the three phase development of 228 units of affordable housing. The project, known as Heritage Homes will reposition the Housing Authority portfolio, transform and stabilize the surrounding community and increase surrounding property values.